If you are starting blogging or thinking about getting more traffic to your website, which strategy is best for you? You might have already heard about doing proper SEO on your website and finding relevant keywords. But what if you don’t have enough time for that? And you want to build your platform quickly?

Then the Guest posting is the best practice you should implement today. It is one of the most common practices to grow a website and attract more traffic rapidly. But what if you don’t have any guest posting experience? There are high chances you might get disappointed and might believe that this strategy is ineffective.

But don’t worry! I’m going to share a comprehensive guide with you. I’ll share some of the most important tips most bloggers miss while pitching. In short, after reading this ultimate guide, you can start your guest blogging journey and achieve success. Let’s get started.

What Are Guest Posts?

Guest posts are simply a strategy in which you publish your article on someone’s website. There can be different reasons behind guest postings, such as increasing brand awareness and referral traffic which we will discuss later in this guide.

You can outreach to relevant blogs and websites. Ask them to publish your article on their website in return for value.

You offer = Value

Other website offers = Traffic

It’s as simple as that. Now that you have understood what a guest post is, let’s learn how to write one.

Find the Goal Of Your Guest Post

Before you start blogging, you need to ask yourself what your guest post’s goal is. What outcome do you want from these guest posts? 

Setting a goal can help you understand which website is well-suited for that respective goal. Most commonly, there are three goals of guest posting. 

  1. Building your reputation as a leader and authority in the industry. 
  2. Getting traffic to your website. 
  3. Getting backlinks for your website. However, your main focus shouldn’t be this because Google does not support it.

If you have the right content, you can achieve all these things from guest posts. If you aim to get more traffic and position as an authority, you should find blogs with a high audience, where people engage with them. Meanwhile, you need to find blogs with high domain authority for backlinks. You can also check various valuable tools, such as SerpStat.

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Now you know the goal of your guest post, what’s next? How can you find blogs for guest posting? Let me make this entire process simple for you.

When finding sites for guest posts, always choose high-quality sites relevant to your industry or niche. Here is how you can find blogs that are suitable for your niche;

  • The content of the blog is relevant to your industry
  • The audience of the blog will find your topic interesting
  • The readers of the blogs engage with posts and share them on social media
  • The owner of the blog is active on social media and promotes guest posts via social media as well

If you have a generator website, the closest guest post site niches are generators, travel, camping, RV, electrical and maintenance blogs. Posting generator content on a history website will not help you achieve your guest blogging goals.

Here are three ways that you can use to find blogs for guest posts.

Google Searches

Google is the best place to find any guest post opportunity. I’ve compiled a list of keyword searches that are immensely helpful in finding blogs that welcome guest posts. All you need to do is replace the keyword with your desired industry keyword.

  • keyword “guest post.”
  • Keyword “Write for us.”
  • Keyword “guest post by.”
  • keyword “submit a guest post.”
  • Keyword “guest post guidelines.”

Suppose your niche is digital marketing. Then your search query on Google should look like this;

  • Digital Marketing “guest post.”
  • Digital Marketing “Write for Us”
  • Digital Marketing “guest post by”
  • Digital Marketing “submit a guest post.”
  • Digital Marketing “guest post guidelines”

It will direct you to the guest post guidelines page, post submissions, or posts by other guest post writers on the blog. You can find more ways to get the best results from Google using search operators.

Famous Guest Bloggers

Do you know any famous guest bloggers or admire the content of any blogger? Any name or awesome blog post that’s getting high engagement and often opens guest post opportunities. Then you can always write a guest post email to them.

But how can you find their email? What’s the next procedure?

All you need to do is go to Google search. Type the name of the guest blogger of the respective industry and write the phrase “guest post by.”

Great! Now you can see a list of your favorite blogger’s guest posts. It is a good way to kickstart your guest post journey.

If you already know a guest blogger, don’t hesitate to contact them. Ask them to introduce you to the industry and get your blogs published on their sites.

Backlinks Of Your Competitors

While doing a backlink analysis of an SEO agency, I found that most of their backlinks were from guest posts. And it’s not just one agency businesses do this all the time to get backlinks.

But what if I tell you there is a way you can check your competitors’ backlinks? There are two ways to do it;

  1. Use advanced tools
  2. Through Google search

Open Site Explorer is a tool through which you can check your competitors’ backlinks. Find all the blogs your competitors have written that are increasing their backlinks.

But if you don’t have access to any tool, then don’t worry. You only need to do a Google search.

Type this;

link:domain.com -domain.com “guest post”

In the domain.com, type the site name of your competitor, and now you can see where competitors have published their blogs.

There are two parts to writing a guest post: preparing for the guest post email subject, and email copy, and the second part is writing a guest blog post. Let’s look at both of them separately.

Guide For Preparing to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post

By now, I’m quite sure that you know how to find a website that’s relevant to your niche/industry and has the potential to bring a lot of value to your site. But what’s next? How do you outreach them? What’s the entire procedure?

Before writing a guest post, there are a few things you need to know about the blog. It will increase your chances of getting your guest post accepted.

Your Blog Is So Amazing

The initial part of your email copy shouldn’t be about you. It should be interesting, scroll-stopping, and engage another person. Tell them you are a fan of their blog or like their content.

Here is an example of how you should never start your outreach statement.

“I checked that your website niche is X.”

This X can be any industry. But if you are starting your outreach like this, there is a high chance that no one will even open your outreach email, as it clearly shows you haven’t put enough effort into researching their content or website.

Blogging isn’t an easy job. It takes time to grow, and just think for a second, why someone who has spent months or years building their platform would give you space on their website? And on top of that, you can’t even read one of their blogs worth 15 minutes, which is again a huge red indicator.

Remember that guest posting isn’t about posting your content on a random website. It’s about building relationships with bloggers and showing them you can return the value.

But you may ask, what should I do then? What’s the suitable way to outreach?

One word. Be Creative. Tell them you are impressed by their content or website. You can add a reference to a specific post and tell them anything you like about it, such as;

  • I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for X years.
  • Your blog information on X topic changed the way I lead my life.
  • I always wait for your posts every Monday; your X series is amazing and educational.

In short, make your outreach sincere, especially if you want to stand out from the crowd. Don’t sugarcoat; instead, be real.

I Have Experience & Expertise

Bloggers don’t want writers or guest posts that don’t know what they are discussing. In your outreach, it should be evident that you are an expert in the field. Just think, why should they allow anyone to write on their page? Most specifically, what makes you special? Why would their readers want to read your content?

But once again, be creative. So don’t write, “I’m an expert in X,” but you may ask why? It clearly shows I’m an expert.

It’s because you don’t have to prove with your statements. You have to give proof backed by your statement. For example;

“I’m the CEO and author of the X website. This amazing book has helped over 1000+ entrepreneurs reach 7 figures in their businesses in record time. By now, the list of success stories is only increasing, and I’m on a mission to help even more entrepreneurs.”

Lastly, propose your guest post with relevant samples of your content and book. But don’t add too much information because it can overwhelm the reader. It’s a pitch, not an actual conversation, so keep it short and simple.

I Can Offer Value

It is the primary part where you know that your guest post benefits their site. Focus on what value you can provide to their website and audience.

Give them an irresistible offer that they don’t want to say no. Tell them a brief about;

  • What you plan to write
  • How it can add value

It can be any important information such as “this book has helped digital marketers 10x results from marketing campaigns”. But remember that if your book is for digital marketers only, mention it. Your guest post must align with its audience.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Find SEO opportunities that you can provide through your guest posts. Show them that you are genuinely interested in their website and have the potential to increase their rankings in search engines significantly.

Here is an example of how you can do it.

“I noticed that there is a huge opportunity for ranking on these keyword phrases. It’s relevant to your niche, and I’m sure my article would greatly help. Through it, you can grow your audience and increase rankings”.

Don’t overpromise because it can hurt your reputation. So be real, and they will immediately see that you have done your research before outreaching them.

Offer To Share The Blog

You can also offer to share their blog on social media platforms, as it will eventually increase their reach and expand their network. But there are a few things that you should remember while making this claim.

Be crystal clear about the extent of your network because most guest post authors don’t communicate properly, leading to many problems. Here is what you should know before offering them this value.

  • How many followers do you have on social media?
  • Does your daily newsletter have at least 1000 subscribers?
  • Do you have high-value connections on LinkedIn?
  • What exposure are you specifically offering them?

These are important points that you should consider. It will help you form a relationship based on transparency.

7 Tips for Guest Posting Success

After successfully outreaching, there are high chances you can get the gig. Now comes the most crucial part: writing amazing guest posts that will get you invited back. I’m going to share 7 tips that will ensure your guest post becomes a huge success.

1. Think About Their Audience

In this guide, you have already read the importance of understanding the target audience of bloggers more than once. But I must emphasize it again because this is the primary measure of your guest blog’s success.

But you may ask, how can I speak with their target audience? Is that even possible?

Yes, it is. You need to research their target audience and speak directly to them. Learn more about their;

  • Pain points
  • Problems
  • Needs

It is important for every blog’s success. You aren’t scribbling in your diary; guest posting is entirely different and on a more advanced level. It’s for a specific group of people, and millions or even billions of people are competing against you. They all want attention, and you must show you genuinely understand them. That’s the best way to outshine them.

You don’t even have to try hard to grab their attention.

Just add value and write helpful content, and readers will give you their undivided attention willingly. This is the power of content that is written for the audience.

2. Don’t Go Against Brand Values

Every blogger has a specific tone and values which they follow. They have a specific message, audience, and expertise, which make them different from others. It also gives them a unique identity.

But why am I saying this? And how is it relevant to guest posting?

Remember that the best guest posts are those which align with the brand of the blogger. In simple words, it should help them increase engagement and network. Your post should be relevant to the writing style of the blog.

If the blog is written in a lighthearted and funny manner, then don’t add historical posts in dense English.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be yourself. But everyone has different sides, and we must act according to the situation. So when writing a guest post, think about how you can make it engaging and write it in the author’s tone.

Remember that being yourself doesn’t mean you should go against brand guidelines, read guest posting guidelines to create a successful guest post. and do whatever you like. Be intentional and smart.

3. Provide Actionable Content

Don’t give generic and boring content to your audience, content that’s full of theory and doesn’t contain any practical tips. Instead, provide them with actionable tips and insights. Give them a clear action plan so they can take the next step when they complete reading your article.

Think about it! What topic will more likely remain stuck in your mind? Is it a big idea that is impossible to execute or a small quote you read on a fortune cookie?

When you provide practical value to the readers, they will return to the article. Every time they implement your strategy, they will think about your blog. It can be;

If they get results from your strategy, there are high chances they might follow you and become your lifelong customer. But before that, you have to give them information or knowledge which is insightful and easy to implement.

4. Add A Scroll-stopping CTA

We have come to the most important part of the guest post, which is about you. You have the opportunity to help people find you easily with a call to action. It is important to craft it accurately.

Your byline has two parts;

  1. A small sneak peek of who you are and where readers can know more about you.
  2. It may or may not be your biggest accomplishment.

But how can you find which tidbit you should write? It’s not easy to find a suitable one and what if you choose the wrong one? Don’t worry because I’m going to share a small cheat sheet with you. That will ensure your byline never goes unnoticed.

Now, research the audience and think;

  • What would these people like to know more about?
  • Will they like your graduate degree?
  • Your status as an entrepreneur?
  • People you have helped in the journey?

Either way, in the end, it all comes down to CTA, in which you talk directly with the audience.

You can also check your Author bio and narrow it down to make the best byline. Add a professional Author photo that shows the tone of your content.

5. Create A Well-designed Landing Page

Most guest post bloggers add links to specific articles or home pages. But instead of doing all that, you can create a landing page and send visitors directly there. This way, you not only give them value, but you can easily get them into your sales funnel.

Suppose you are selling an ebook, physical or PDF format of your book. But the amount is small: visitors have to give you their email address; you could tell them actionable tips for subscribers only or a free course with limited slots and eventually present a no-brainer offer that can’t help but purchase your product.

Remember, when you provide value to the audience, you will get leads and engagement in return. Guest post is like an appetizer, but what comes next will decide whether the person will stick to the main course or just get to your competitor’s hotel.

6. Add Internal SEO Links

Internal linking is an important way to increase the SEO of a site and keep the readers engaged. In internal linking, you add links to existing articles on the website to your new article. Internal links are helpful as they connect the content of your website with each other.

But how can it improve SEO?

With internal linking, search engines can get a better idea of the structure of your website. This way, a hierarchy develops so that content with the most important links is considered more valuable.

Readers who visit your blog might dive deeper into your website because of internal links. It eventually improves the metrics of the blog.

Let’s see a practical example of how this works.

One of your Instagram followers never knew about the blog you are guest posting for. When you share it on social media, they get intrigued and click on it.

As they are reading the post, they find another internal link that they find extremely interesting. And the cycle of clicking on internal links continues, and the reader might subscribe to their newsletter and increase the subscriber email list.

Add All The Relevant Images

Whenever a blogger has accepted your guest post request, don’t make them do a lot of work. Your post should be error-free and ready to publish. But most guest bloggers think it only includes checking grammatical mistakes, headings, and formatting.

But what if I tell you there is more than that?

Yes! You should add images. You can also add infographics if necessary. Don’t add low-quality images; instead, click high-quality images. You can also find stock images from different sources. Some of these websites are as follows.

  • Pexels
  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock

You can also get help from AI tools and create stunning images by giving some prompts. Some of these tools are;

  • Dall-E
  • Midjourney
  • Blue Willow

Moreover, your image should be properly sized. A high-quality image is important, but it should also load quickly. However, if you are unsure about the perfect resolution or size of images, contact the blogger. It will show that you are determined to provide good work.

Lastly, name your image but don’t make it generic. Some of the poor examples that you shouldn’t follow are;

  • My photo.jpg
  • Mainpicture.jpg

But then, how should you decide the name of the image?

It’s simple! Think about how it can impact the SEO of a website. Suppose the blog is about the top ten causes of car accidents, and your photo shows a car accident; you can probably add the word car accident in the title.

Benefits of Guest Blogging & Guest Posting 

Now that you know how to write guest posts, you can already tell how important it is. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Guest posting has lots of benefits, some of which are as follows.

  • High Traffic: Bloggers who host guest posts and bloggers who write guest posts both can increase the flow of traffic. It is an excellent way to increase referral traffic which is done via link building. When both parties can benefit from traffic, domain authority will likely increase.
  • Increases Credibility: Your website credibility will also increase if you write a guest post for a prominent and highly reputable blog. It can also increase opportunities for guest blogging, and you can publish quality content on your website.
  • Maximizes Brand Visibility: If you are running a small business and worried about generating leads, or a small online baking tips website, guest posting is best for all. It increases your visibility, ultimately increasing your chances of sales, leads, long-term customers, and subscriptions. It is a great cost-effective form of digital marketing.
  • Generate Backlinks: They are called do-follow links. They are linked back to the website of a guest blogger. High-quality backlinks can increase the traffic of blogs and improve search engine ranking.
  • More Subscribers: With more exposure, there are high chances your subscribers will increase. Guest blogging is a great opportunity for every business on a subscription model.

What Is the Best Time To Pitch Your Guest Post?

As a guest poster you should have a guest posting strategy, keep your eyes open and look out for opportunities. These are the tips most expert guest bloggers use, and now I’m sharing them with you so you can also take advantage of them. These include the following;

  • When a blog shares your article or mentions you on their social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.
  • When the blog mentions your post, business, or products on their website.
  • When a blog mentions, they seek guest posts or have a “write for us” section.
  • When a blog publishes a guest post.

How Can You Become the Best Guest Blogger?

If your goal is to become a regular contributor to a blog or want the blog owner to talk more about your blog, then you should show how you are different from others. In short, tell them with your actions that you are a great blogger. Promote the blog via social shares.

When blog owners see that you are sending more audience on their way, they will love collaborating with you. Furthermore, if anyone leaves comments on your post, reply to them. It’s one of the most important steps in building authority in the industry.

How Can You Find Guest Bloggers For Your Website?

Guest blogging can be extremely difficult and stressful, especially if you don’t follow a strategic approach while maintaining your blog and doing guest posting simultaneously. Then juggling both things can be tough, but here is what you can do to make things easier.

Whenever you write a guest post for any blog, give them an open invitation to write for your blog as well. It will keep your content fresh and up-to-date. You can learn more about your audience and get more readers from the community.


Remember that guest blogging on authoritative sites can make your brand stand out. If you follow these tips, others will not ignore your initial pitches because it’s not a generic guest post pitch. Just add a pinch of creativity, and then you will dominate your website on the search engines with guest posting.

Other than guest posting, there are many marketing strategies to include in your content marketing campaign. But doing it alone can be overwhelming, and there is no guarantee of ROI.

That’s why EchoFish is here to help you. Our digital marketing agency helps businesses like yours achieve their marketing goals in record time. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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