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Designing and executing ethical marketing strategies for small-to-medium-sized businesses since 2014.

Take the road less traveled.

Be unconventional, imaginative, and driven by data.

Impact your market like never before.

At Echofish, we don’t just create marketing plans; we create growth stories. Let us write yours.

At Echofish, our steadfast dedication to comprehending both your business and your customer is at the heart of what we do.

Understanding is pivotal for crafting a marketing strategy that seamlessly aligns with your business objectives and core values.

Just as every business has its own unique identity, each of our strategies is distinctively tailored, reflecting the individuality of the businesses we serve.

Ashe Mussbacher – CEO/Founder
Mikey Preston – COO, Content Creator
What our clients and partners are saying…

Echofish isn’t just your typical marketing agency; they are a trusted partner that goes beyond expectations. With a team that is not only knowledgeable but also personable and effortlessly cool, they truly stand out. I consider them an invaluable extension of my leadership team, relying on their guidance and direction for strategy, tactics, and technology. As someone in the automation consulting business, it’s refreshing to have experts in their field who can offer insights and perspectives that I wouldn’t have considered on my own. Echofish equips you with the necessary information to make informed decisions that propel your business forward. I’d recommend them with no reservations whatsoever.

JP Adams

Founder/CEO, Divtopia

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Echofish on a number of occasions. Ashe is an amazing connector and leans hard into the relationship side of doing business. It’s rare to meet a channel partner who isn’t all about business and cares about the community and the environment as much as we do. They also care about people. Great values alignment with CTRS (my company). We’re looking forward to doing more work in future with Echofish. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Ashe, you should. She’s an incredible person and I get value out of every single call that we have.

Aaron Cruikshank

President, CTRS Market Intelligence

Incredible experience! You can really tell the team at Echofish is invested in their client’s success.

I instantly knew they were built different from the first meeting; they called it the “whatever it takes” meeting. They asked me to block enough time for them to deep dive into my perspective as a founder -an important distinction from simply trying to understand my business needs, they kept digging until they found the emotions and experiences that shaped my company.

Though I mentally prepared myself for a meeting that I assumed would last several hours (the whatever it takes meeting), it turned out Ash and her team are highly intelligent and efficient enough to thoroughly get to the gold in an hour and a half.

I had such a refreshing time interacting with a company that cares about the smallest details of my brand, that I probably would’ve spent the rest of the day in that meeting, had that been required. By the end of that meeting I was so amped that I could’ve run through a brick wall!

So far, their work product is immaculate, and they’ve needed very minimal revision, which is impressive if you consider the intricacies of the field I’m in. Very inspired, can’t thank them enough!

Jared Goldman

Founder/CEO, NiNES

A few of our core values, and the top-rated reasons clients choose Echofish

We speak to our clients via email, Slack, Zoom, text, phone, and face-to-face. You will never feel ghosted because our holistic services are collaborative.

We are a small team and we don’t white-label services or outsource. If our strategy includes tactics that we cannot execute, we will make necessary introductions.

Our email and text campaigns carefully follow GDRP, CCPA, & CASL regulations.
HIPAA compliant.

Our rates are reasonable for the industry and we scale up or down based on your needs. Pricing plans provide flexibility without financing. Our services are month to month.

Intellectual Property
We do not own your company’s content, domains, website or anything we create for you. We do not sell your data. Everything is built to grow and migrate.

Due to our unique marketing strategy and its effectiveness, we offer exclusivity in a given industry for the right client. 

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