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How Does It Work?

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Omnichannel Marketing Done Consistently Over Time Produces Exponential Results

Echofish’s in-house team creates quality content for your brand, manages your outbound campaigns, and builds authority on your behalf within your target market.

This representational graph showcases how each channel contributes to the lead generation of a company over time.

The actual numbers may vary for each industry.

Why A Whole Year?

If you’ve ever driven a race car, you know it takes a moment after you push the petal down for the injectors to fire and the wheels to start turning. Once the treads grip the road, the car launches forward and accelerates. Our campaigns operate very much the same way.

It starts with a slow build. Our team consistently pushes out valuable content to a target audience over multiple channels until that audience starts to engage and convert.

Leads that are considered “low quality” are typically people who are not far along the buyer journey and are still strangers to your product. We get a lot of these at the beginning of a campaign from ads and cold email outreach.


We collect these leads and nurture them inside a CRM that delivers our hand-written newsletters, remarkets to them on social media, and scores them based on their interactions with any of our content.

Over time, this process not only moves them through the buyer journey but attracts new buyers into the network through word-of-mouth and relevant content. The red Word-of-Mouth and light blue SEO leads are high quality that has already heard of your brand as a result of these efforts.

We see these leads take the next step to book a call or purchase after consistently receiving valuable content from your brand over a period of time.

The Main Challenges For B2B Companies & Why Demand Generation Is Key

✔ B2B companies often struggle with creating personalized and engaging content that resonates with their target audience

✔ B2C companies often have to contend with an increasingly crowded marketplace where it can be challenging to stand out from the competition

Despite these challenges, businesses continue to invest heavily in marketing to drive sales and revenue growth. However, simply increasing marketing spend is not enough.

Brands must also be strategic in their approach, utilizing the latest tools and techniques to reach their target audience effectively. This is where demand generation comes into play.

B2B Demand Generation The Ultimate Guide for 2023

B2B Demand Generation: The Ultimate Guide for 2023

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B2B Prospecting Made Simple With Hyper-Targeted, Hand-Curated Lists

You don’t need enormous lists to get results. Our clients see success with even the smallest lists.

Agency Plan

A Recruitment Agency booked 3 discovery calls from their list this month.

Starter Plan

A Media Buyer booked 2 discovery calls from their free list this month.

Starter Plan

A Roofing Company booked 2 discovery calls with new suppliers this month.

Expert Plan

A Business Coach booked 16 discovery calls from their list this month.

Growth Plan

A Marketing Agency booked 1 discovery call from their list this month.

Starter Plan

A Financial Broker booked 1 discovery call from their list this month.

Get A Custom-Tailored Lead List & CRM For Your B2B Business

We hand-curate these B2B contacts based on your ideal buyer and all you have to do is contact them (or we can do it for you).

Need a custom option? Our Executive Plans include white-labeled systems, done-for-you services, and VIP sales coaching. Book a call with a member of our team to learn more.

Case Studies—A Selection Of Projects

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novel lab website design
recipi website redesign
sheree care website design

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