The SEO landscape is growing continuously at a rapid rate. Google’s algorithm is becoming a hard nut to crack. It is becoming more intricate, making ranking more challenging than ever before because of AI.

It also warns us that old methods of SEO might not be enough to increase ranking in the future. That’s why many SEO specialists make it a priority to stay updated about the latest SEO trends. It helps maintain a high website ranking, increasing clicks and converting visitors to customers, which eventually leads to an increase in business.

But due to constant changes many business owners are skeptical about the future of SEO. Remember that the SEO world will continue to evolve. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. There are many SEO techniques and trends that you can use to increase your SERP ranking. Because the ultimate goal of Google is to provide users the best and most relevant data.

So, what does the future hold for SEO? Let’s explore the latest SEO trends you shouldn’t miss in 2023. Get ready to learn how to stay ahead of your competitors in the SEO game.

Impact of SEO in 2022 

In 2022, due to the SEO algorithm update, many websites lost their top rankings. The trends shifted and many websites were shut down because they weren’t ready to adapt. 

Google continues to be a goldmine of opportunities for every digital marketer. In the past year, the algorithm continued to have a huge impact on web content. With the rise in businesses and startups more people have become interested in learning about SEO. 

Everyone was running toward the trends so they could secure the first-page position. Even marketers were having difficulty adjusting to the quick and unique changes in SEO.

What Will Be the Future of Search Engine Optimization?

The future of SEO might look completely different than what we have right now. These are some of the most popular future SEO predictions which will become key factors in every future SEO strategy. 

  • Content that is detailed and relevant to the keyword intent. 
  • Mobile-friendly sites will be prioritized
  • AI integration will be common
  • Backlinks will be replaced with branding
  • Increased web pages and content

Not all of them are new concepts, and you might already implement some of them in your SEO strategy. AI was once an idea, but now it’s integrated into every aspect of the digital world.

Likewise, we expect to see more great things in the future, saving us time and increasing the speed of the SEO process.

Importance Of SEO In 2023

Anyone who says that SEO will be dead in 2023 is completely wrong. Now, it will become a building block for the growth of many companies. Even many businesses are incorporating it into their digital marketing strategies. 

Remember there are millions of websites on Google. And it’s a given that everyone wants to outrank their competitors and reach wider audiences. But that won’t be possible with outdated SEO strategies. Businesses that adapt to these changes and stay up-to-date will reap long-term benefits. 

In the upcoming years, search engines will focus more on creating a positive experience for the user. It will include factors such as site speed, mobile-friendly, interactive UI/UX, etc. 

In 2023, you need to be unique and creative and show everyone how you are different from others. That’s why you should look out for these SEO trends because if implemented correctly, they can transform your business.

Future Key Trends Of SEO 

Here are some key SEO trends expected to gain more attention this year. Let’s have a look at them. 

Your E-E-A-T Will Speak For You 

It is an abbreviation of Experience, Expertise, and Authority, Trustworthiness. Recently Google updated its search quality rater guidelines. And now, the emphasis isn’t only on expertise, authority and trust. Your experience in the field also matters, and it depends on how you will demonstrate it and prove it to Google. 

Moreover, websites must build trust with the audience by being transparent about their services. Add authentic, valuable, reliable information from authentic sources, improving the E-E-A-T of a website. It’s extremely important for YMYL websites because they directly impact a person’s decision-making. 

If you analyze E-E-A-T deeply, you will understand the importance of adding experience because someone with experience in the niche knows more about the topic than someone who is a beginner or just learning about it. They are viewed as more trustworthy and authentic. 

According to the search elevator guidelines, Google mentioned the new experience addition in detail. They stated that based on the experience of the creator in a particular field or topic E-E-A-T of the website improves. Many websites are created by people with years of experience and expertise in the field, which helps them grow quickly. 

Do you think adding the experience section was unnecessary? Let me ask you a question because it will change your point of view.

There is an e-commerce website that sells high-fashion trendy clothes. The review section consists of two types of people;

  1. Those who have used the product and left a review afterward. 
  2. Those who have just looked virtually at the product haven’t bought it yet. Their review is based on the brand’s online image and marketing.   

It’s given that you will prefer the first review. Likewise, sites with experienced people are seen as more trustworthy. Those who have practical real-life experience in the field. Here are a few tips through which you can improve the E-E-A-T of your website. 

  • Make a separate page for your team and show their experience and expertise in respective fields. 
  • Start a blog and share valuable, high-quality and well-researched content. 
  • Use different social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to talk about various topics and provide your insights on the updates and news in the field. 
  • Broaden your content and cover different content forms in detail like case studies and data-driven content. 
  • Make a page for each author and add their experience and expertise. 

Content Is a Real Game Changer

Focus on providing helpful content for the users instead of just chasing the top ranks. When you add value, users will most likely read your content and connect with it, and Google will also boost it in SERPs. In the content update of Google, the importance of focusing on helpful content for users is doubled. 

In the developer note, it’s mentioned that Google wants to give a positive experience to the users by showing them better search results which cause a satisfying experience. On the contrary, if the content is low quality or doesn’t meet expectations, it will not perform well. 

A major question arises: how can you ensure that your content is high-quality? What’s the secret of becoming Google’s favorite? 

It’s simple when you create content, remember that it’s for people, and leave the idea of rankings or anything else behind. Add citations, research, and bullet points and implement best SEO practices to add value to the reader. People-first content creators perform well in Google, and they build their brand because of the loyalty of their audience towards them. 

In a recent update of Google, search engines heavily stress the need to post original content. Copy-pasting content isn’t a good long-term strategy, especially if you want to build a huge empire. Search the relevant information on the web and then shortlist areas where you can improve and make your content more likable and unique. 

AI & ML Is Here To Help

AI has revolutionized many industries in the past few years, and SEO is no exception. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are primary SEO trends to watch out for in 2023. 

With the help of AI, Google is enhancing the search results shown to users. It’s possible with the LaMDA model. It stands for Language Model For Dialogue Application, and this Google algorithm understands the queries. It’s built on a neural network using machine learning. AI is advanced and has the potential to assist you in different areas of SEO, such as;

  • Keyword research
  • Optimizing your content 
  • SEO analysis of a website 

Nowadays, many tools are combining natural language processing and artificial intelligence. So far, it has been amazing, and users can get incredible, quick and detailed insights. AI isn’t limited to keyword research; it helps in different on-page and off-page SEO areas. 

  • Optimizing images 
  • Increasing the speed of the website 
  • Finding broken links on the site 

After the release of chatGPT, AI is now at the level of assisting humans in creating content. It increases the speed of the process without compromising the content quality. 

In the future, it’s expected that AI will be of extreme importance in SEO. It’s a possibility that Google might use AI to rank different articles by incorporating it into the indexing process and scanning websites quickly and efficiently. 

Revolutionizing Your Search Results 

As we are discussing AI, Google is already using AI and taking a step forward in understanding information with Google Multitask Unified Model.

You might have heard about how powerful the BERT model is, but MUM is a 1,000 times better model for understanding language. It’s designed intricately so that users can perform different tasks requiring more than one step. 

This model is here to improve the searches and understand search engines better. With time there will be different updates and improvements so it’ll easily understand search queries. It can extract relevant visual media to answer and understand the information-dense query. 

Let’s suppose you search on Google. “I’ve implemented a backlinks strategy, but now I want to experiment with technical SEO. Where should I start? 

In this query, the user has provided detailed information and expects an answer that’s to the point and resolves his issue. Google will show the most relevant technical SEO strategies and consider different points before showing the search results, as the person already knows about backlinks. 

The user has experience in SEO, so which strategies should the user apply first and consider different factors while giving accurate search results in minimum time. 

From an SEO perspective, it’s important to analyze one piece of content from different angles. The ultimate aim is to solve relevant problems, answer queries and clear the concerns of your target audience. 

Structured Data Shouldn’t Be Ignored 

Featured snippets aren’t a new trend in SEO. But over time, it has changed, and how we represent our content in Google search results is also transforming. With structured data, Google easily navigates and understands the content. 

In 2023, Google will boost content with properly optimized structure data. If you also want to achieve it, make your content appear in featured snippets, then you must try structured data. But don’t forget that without high-quality content, that won’t be possible. So create content that’s easy to extract and persuasive when displayed in search results. 

For Example, you are creating how to implement any SEO strategy for your business. You should add a list of all the strategies and FAQs to enhance the content further and provide detailed information. Make FAQs simple, easy to understand and to the point to increase their chances of displaying in the SERP. 

Give Answers To Questions 

People are now making search queries that are conversational, unique, detailed and complex. It indicates that anyone who wants to rank on Google must solve multiple queries of people cohesively. 

You need to dive deeper into understanding the search query. Understand its intent, break down the question into simple components and address them individually. By using NLP, you can accurately understand the meaning of the query. 

For Example, suppose a user is searching for “how to market your book as a new author” your content shouldn’t only tell about the solutions but also explore 

  • What is marketing 
  • Which marketing solutions can be implemented 
  • How they can implement them step-by-step. 

It will ensure that users stay on your page for a long time because everything they need is already available on one page, so they won’t go to your competitor’s site. Some search queries are extremely complex. To align your content with that query, you should tailor content according to the query’s intent. 

Core Web Vitals

These are performance metrics designed by Google to measure users’ experience on a website. With Core Web Vitals, Google rewards websites that give a positive experience to the users. 

Meanwhile, those with poor performance are penalized, lowering their rankings in SERPs. That’s why every website owner should ensure their website loading speed is good, minimize HTTP requests and more. Here is how you can understand CWV better. 

  • LCP: It is an abbreviation of the Largest Contentful Paint. The loading time of the longest content or page on the website is measured. It should not be more than 2.5 seconds. 
  • FID: First Input Delay in which interactivity of a website is measured. You should strive to achieve 100 milliseconds or less. 
  • CLS: Also known as Cumulative Layout Shift, the visual impact is measured, especially its stability. It shouldn’t be more than 0.1.

By focusing on web core vitals you will notice that even in a competitive market, your web pages will keep improving in SERPs. 

Think More Than Just Primary Keywords 

SEO marketers who believed that focusing on primary and secondary keywords is enough are now changing their perspective. They are important, but the focus should also be semantic and NLP searches to stay ahead of everyone else. 

Some keywords are searched by people daily, but they don’t fit in the primary or secondary keywords category. 

Let’s suppose you are writing a guide on social media marketing in 2023. Some relevant keywords can be;

  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media analytics
  • Video content 

These keywords provide a different context. By writing in-depth about them, you can increase the chances of appearing in relevant search results. 

You can add links to these different web pages in your content, increasing the website’s traffic. NLP can also be used in content creation, but you must ensure that your content isn’t written for robots or AI. It should have a human tone, sentences should connect naturally, and they should be readable. 

Utilize All Channels

Omni-channel marketing is an important trend that is only expected to grow. SEO is an important and fundamental strategy of every marketing plan, but it’s not limited to it only. 

Your target audience might not use Google actively but is active on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. That’s why an omnichannel approach is important. It increases the chances of discovery via different channels like;

  • Social media ads 
  • Pay-per-click
  • Organic growth of social media 

In 2023, running a business without a social media presence is extremely tough. Moreover, once you get followers and hook your audience on social media, remember to keep them interested so they don’t get distracted. 

But you might be wondering how it can help SEO. Basically, you can share your content on these channels and attract more audience to your website. 

  • For Instagram: You can make a reel giving a sneak peek about your blog and then add a CTA to visit your website for more details. 
  • In LinkedIn: Create a carousel or static image post with a description of around 150 words related to the blog. Add a link to your blog in the comment section instead of a description. 
  • For Twitter: Create a thread and share the most valuable details from your blog. End it with a link to your website blog. 

Don’t Make Visitors Wait

After the page experience update of 2021, Google emphasizes the need to make websites load quickly. It’s a crucial factor in ranking websites. 

In upcoming years, page speed insights will continue to play an everlasting role in improving SEO and rankings in SERPs. There are many tools through which you can easily check the speed of your website. 

  • Google PageSpeed Insights: This tool is by Google, and you can analyze your website. It even suggests changes and recommendations make your website faster. The best part is it also gives the speed score for desktop and mobile. 
  • GTmetrix: You will get a detailed website speed report and optimization tips. Moreover, a unique part of this tool is the waterfall chart. It gives you data on the loading time of different web pages.
  • Pingdom: It allows you to check the speed of your website in different locations of the world. Thus you can analyze your site’s performance in different regions and optimize it for visitors. 

Less Crawl Frequency 

Google has recently made a huge change by including operations on carbon-free energy. As one of the steps to achieve it, Google is working on reducing the frequency of crawling web pages. By its reduction, computing resources are saved, and it’s one of the best ways for Google to accomplish its sustainability goal. 

However, reduced crawl rates can also impact refresh crawl rates. Google might need more time to discover new content and notice changes to your website. That’s why from the beginning, ensure your content is high-quality and focus heavily on on-page SEO elements guaranteed to rank your website. 

Add Voice Searches 

Voice searches are getting more popular day by day. You might have noticed that some of the most famous search engines have integrated voice searches already. 

It’s expected to replace textual queries in the upcoming years completely. Because people’s voice search will become the new norm, the searches will become more accurate and efficient with the help of AI. 

Consumer habits are constantly changing, pushing marketers to engage them creatively, and voice searches are one of them. According to statistics, half of the United States population uses voice search daily. 

Video Content Will Gain More Engagement 

On every platform, videos are becoming popular. One huge reason for its popularity is the low attention span of people. According to a Hootsuite,

  • YouTube shorts get 15 billion views per day 
  • Every minute more than 694,000 hours of videos are watched globally
  • 85% of social media businesses have confirmed that YouTube played a major role in helping them reach wider audiences.

Even in Google SERPs video results are shown. The best strategy is adding them to text-based content such as blogs, guides and articles.


Following the trends is not important. You don’t need to hop on every SEO trend. Still, it’s important to experiment and figure out the best-performing strategy for your business. As an SEO expert, it helps you formulate an effective SEO strategy for your business and clients.

Additionally, suppose you need to be an expert and make Google love your website. In that case, using tools and strategies and implementing the latest techniques is important. 

However, it will require a lot of time and money. We are here to provide a solution so you don’t have to worry about your SEO strategy. Our team of experts is always ready to help businesses grow their websites with SEO. Contact us today. 


Which SEO Trend Will Dominate in 2023?

SEO automation will dominate the market. Marketers will implement SEO in content creation, keyword research and all SEO tasks. Many SEO platforms are already doing it. Such as chatGPT; Jasper is used for writing website content. Many keyword research tools can find relevant keywords and save time. 

What Are SEO Tools? 

With SEO tools, you get all information, data and alerts about your website and its performance in search engines. It allows figuring out the weaknesses and strengths of your website, which might be stopping you from earning visibility in the SERPs. 

Is SEO Valuable For My Business?

With proper SEO, you can create a brand online and develop signals. Through this, your company becomes memorable, credible, authentic and instantly recognizable by the target audience.

In a nutshell, if you make it to the top of the rankings, then your brand value will also increase. No matter what business you run in this digitized world, your worth can be 10x with this strategy. 

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