In the past few years, we have seen a lot of social media apps become people’s favorites, while some are facing a significant downfall. But despite all the thick and thin, some platforms keep growing.

And Facebook is one of them.

It’s still a powerhouse with 3 billion active users and is among the most popular social media networks. It means that it is an amazing platform for growing your business.

So here’s the truth: marketing on this platform can do wonders for your business.

But how do you even start it? You might have questions like what kind of content I should post. Should I run ads only? And loads of queries.

In this article, you’ll find all the answers related to this topic. I’ll share a complete guide on how to use Facebook marketing successfully.

So let’s get started.

What Is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is the use of the Facebook platform and its various tools to promote products, services, or brands. It involves creating and managing a presence on the platform. It is done through pages, groups, and ads to reach and engage with the targeted audience.

But do you know why businesses use this marketing tactic?

Because it can drive a lot of website traffic, build brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales by leveraging the platform’s wide user base and ad-targeting capabilities.

However, you must know that there are two primary ways to implement this strategy.

  • Paid: Just by the name, you can tell that you need money for this strategy. You use advertising campaigns on the platform to reach out to your target audience on the site. Ultimately converting your potential customers into buyers.
  • Organic: It focuses on building a genuine community around your brand without relying on paid ads. This method involves creating and sharing valuable content that connects your target audience.

I recommend a well-balanced approach that combines both methods. So you can make a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy for this platform.

How To Create a Facebook Business Page?

You need to take small and simple steps to win this marketing game. So the first step is to create your Facebook business page.

Yes, let people know that your business is legit and you’re here to assist them.

The best part is that creating a business page will cost you $0. Your audience can connect with you, follow you, and you can also engage with them. Open the web browser and search for

Choose the category which is most suitable for the type of business you’re doing. Usually, people choose a business or brand, but it’s up to you to find the best pick. Now you’ll be sent to a different page. Here you have to;

  • Write the name of your business
  • Category of your business
  • Bio of your business page

You don’t have to perfectly write everything. Because you can change it at any time, you can add the company logo and page cover, which can be changed later.

Now, you have to choose the URL for your page. It is usually something like:

At the place of EchoFish, you have to add your unique business name.

I’ve seen many marketers follow all the steps carefully, but they forget this part which is a terrible mistake. So don’t make this mistake.

It is not adding your page information.

You should add all necessary information, such as service hours, to let customers know you’re available. Add your WhatsApp number, email address, and physical shop address (if you’ve one).

Great. Now you’ve made a page for your business.

Do You Need Facebook Ads Account For Facebook Marketing?

I highly recommend creating a Facebook ads account. You might have no plans of using it immediately, but it’s still a good strategy that reaps amazing results.

After making a business page, just click on Facebook Ads Manager. Moreover, it is now an important part of Meta Business Suite.

If you already have an ads account, you can easily add it. Otherwise, you should create a new one.

You’re ready to start your automated campaign. You’ve two options: either create a marketing campaign from scratch or use a boost feature to promote posts on your page.

Types Of Facebook Posts For Marketing

Facebook has numerous post options, which makes it an amazing platform to market your business. I’ll share both paid ads types and post types as well.

Science Behind Marketing Post Types

There is a very deep logic behind choosing a post type for this platform. Every type serves a specific purpose, and that’s why you must know this so you can create posts that align with your goals.

  • Textual: Best to connect and engage people and great conversation starters. Educate and inform your audience through these.
  • High-quality images: Captures the attention of the audience immediately. Make them scroll-stopping to attract potential customers.
  • Videos: Forms a deep connection with the audience with improved interaction.
  • Live: You must have seen e-commerce store owners go live on the platform and show their products. Do limited-time sales on live FAQs and engage the audience.
  • Stories: You don’t have to appear on your audience feed 24/7. Interacting with the audience and telling them about your latest products is amazing and easily done via stories.
  • Pinned: These posts are at the top of the page, so whenever someone visits your account, they’ll see that post. It’ll increase the reach of posts as well.

Various Ad Types

After setting up your page and posting, you’re ready to move to the next phase and start paid ads. As of now, there are six major types of Facebook ads. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Video Ad

Do you want to show the features of your products? Tell your customers how beneficial it is for them.

Then put video ads into action. They are also categorized into gifs, and short videos to grab attention immediately. However, you can also create long video ads but make sure it’s not boring. It can be as short as 15 seconds and as long as 2 hours.

2. Image Ads

Suppose you don’t have a fortune to spend on your marketing yet want to get good results. Then the image ad is a suitable ad format for your business.

It helps create brand awareness and attract traffic to websites.

3. Carousel Ads

Just like the Instagram carousel, you can create similar ad formats on this platform as well. So in a single advertisement, you can add around ten images. The best part is you can also attach links to the products on each image of the carousel.

It’s a creative format where you can tell a story with your products. Use storytelling to engage your audience.

4. Collection Ad

In this format, there is one video along with three to four small images. They are in the form of a grid and serve as an online catalog of your products.

5. Slideshow Ads

Do you remember viewing PowerPoint slide presentations?

This ad format is similar to a video, and even on a low internet connection, it performs exceptionally well. You can use AI images, edit them and create music to make this format work in your favor.

6. Lead Generation Ads

The major purpose of most campaigns is to generate leads. With this format, you can generate leads.

But how does that even work?

Whenever a user clicks on an image in the ad, a subscription form appears, and after just a few taps, they have subscribed to your offer.

Why Should You Do Marketing On Facebook?

There are around 200 million businesses on this platform, and 93% of them are highly active. There are vast opportunities on this platform, and you shouldn’t miss any of them. Some of the major advantages of implementing this marketing are as follows.

  • Advertising options are budget-friendly. Thus allowing you to set your ad spend. This flexibility means you can run campaigns even with a limited budget.
  • With billions of active users, it offers access to a vast and diverse audience. It is an ideal platform to connect with potential customers from various demographics and locations.
  • The platform’s sophisticated targeting tools allow you to reach specific audiences based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and even online activities. This precision ensures your ads are seen by your potential customers.
  • You can use its retargeting features to re-engage users who have previously interacted with your website or content, encouraging them to complete desired actions.

Step-by-step Guide To Creating a Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

You know almost every nitty-gritty about marketing on this platform. Now it’s time to execute this strategy to make your business a superstar. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide for you.

Who Is Your Audience?

Before starting any campaign or business page, you must know everything about your target audience. Define your ideal customers and what content they usually consume on the platform. By collecting this information, you can create a successful marketing strategy.

You must have read countless articles or marketers saying this infinite times.

Because it’s immensely important. If you can nail this part, everything will smoothly fall into place. So how do you define your target audience? By knowing their:

  • Age ranges
  • Location
  • Type of job
  • Issues they face in your industry, plus their solutions
  • The time they are active on the platform.

Here’s a pro tip if you have followers on the page, then you should check Audience Insights in Meta Business Suite. It’ll give you basic insights into your audience.

Dive Deep To Know Your Marketing Goals

Every business goal is to grow and become profitable.

But if you’re doing Facebook marketing, you should be super specific about your goals. Do you want 1000 followers? Why? Maybe because you want to sell your offer to them.

That’s the major goal for most companies. They want their customers to buy from them. But it’s not the same for everyone. Let me share some of the most common goals for your page:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Get more traffic on a physical shop

Your goals will highly alter the type of content you post so be crystal clear about it.

Post Content That Wins Your Audience’s Hearts

So how are you going to accomplish your marketing goals mentioned above? By posting quality content.

Many people panic and just start posting whatever comes to their minds without research. This is the quickest way that leads to business failure. You absolutely don’t want that. Right?

Then create a comprehensive content strategy. Be clear about what, when, and how you’ll post. Be creative; share jokes, BTS, educational, informative testimonials, and social proof content with your audience.

Follow The 80/20 Rule:

80% content = Informative, educational & entertaining

20% content = Promotional, your offer & testimonials

But what’s the optimal time to post content? Is it early morning or midnight?

The answer is It Depends.

You’ve to check Facebook Audience Insights and note when your audience is most active and post accordingly. This will increase the reach of your posts as well.

Moreover, experiment with different types of content by posting a mix of content such as gifs, videos, images, carousels, etc. Many social media managers have a social media calendar and create posts in advance to avoid any delays and issues in posting.

Tweak Your Page To Optimize It

You’re posting content just like I told you but still not seeing any significant improvement. What can be the issue?

If you’re already following the above two steps yet not seeing good results, then this might be the reason for no engagement.

Your Page Isn’t Optimized.

Imagine seeing an amazing social media post about the best social media strategies for small businesses. But when you click on the page, it has no profile picture or business information.

In 90% of cases, most people think scammers or bots run such pages. So always optimize your page. Add a professional photo or logo, cover image, persuasive CTA, and complete contact info, which includes email address, phone number, and website. It’ll allow your customer to contact you quickly.

Use Advertising Tools To Increase Reachs

Every craftsman knows the more tools you master, the richer your creative palette becomes. So leverage all the suitable options you’ve to boost your business.

Create a Facebook group and add your target audience to it. Suppose you’re a fitness trainer looking to create an engaged online community for fitness lovers. You decide to create a Group called “Healthy Habits Hub.”

Set clear guidelines for group members. Share tips on how to achieve weight goals healthily. From there on, share your client successes and convert group members into customers.

Likewise, you can also have direct conversations with your potential customers on Messenger. Moreover, the Facebook marketplace is also full of opportunities to sell your products to local communities. You don’t even need to spend a single penny on these listings.

Leverage Meta Pixel for Better Results

You might know it by the name of Facebook Pixel. It is a tracking code provided by Facebook that you can add to your website.

But what’s the benefit of it?

A pixel plays a crucial role in optimizing and measuring the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. It tracks users’ interactions with your website after they click on your ads on this platform. It collects data on their actions, such as:

  • Page views
  • Purchases
  • Sign-ups
  • Other conversions

Here’s how you can install it easily. Just log in to your Facebook Events Manager. Connect data sources and click on Web as the data source. Add the name and URL of your website. You can integrate it with just one click; otherwise, you need to install the code.

Add events to track them. Input your URL and tap “Open website.” Easily track site buttons as Events using the Pixel. Assign roles like “Purchase” or “Contact” to each button. Enable pop-ups in your browser for proper functionality.

Try Facebook Advertising

With Facebook ads, you can increase your business growth to a great level. But launching a campaign and doing everything can be daunting. That’s why you should take one step at a time.

After doing all the above tasks in this step, you must choose an ad campaign type. Select a campaign objective aligned with your goals (e.g., awareness, consideration, conversion).

Next, create specific ad sets and finalize the following:

  • Budgets
  • Schedules
  • Audience targeting for your ad sets.

Your ad copy shouldn’t be ordinary. It should be outstanding, attention-grabbing, and connect with your potential customers. Ensure your landing pages align with ad content and encourage conversions.

You might be wondering how much money I need for this.

The price varies. The typical expense for advertising on this platform is approximately $0.94 per click and $12.07 for every 1000 impressions.

Measure Results Of Your Strategy

You’ve done everything to boost your brand. Now it’s time to see whether your strategy is effective or not.

That’s why you should monitor your campaign. It gives you a clear idea of which strategy is effective and how to formulate your future campaigns.

The best part is you don’t need to install any other third-party app. The platform provides a tool known as Insights. You can check which formats are effective, views of the page, engagement on posts, analyze your followers, impressions on the story, and much more.

And many other valuable metrics. But you might need to measure other metrics such as CTR, conversion rate, CPC, etc. There are 3 more tools that you can use:

  • Ads Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Facebook Business Suite

When To Start Facebook Marketing?

It is an excellent platform to market your business, especially for those who are complete beginners. With my step-by-step guide, you can create your first campaign easily. However, is your business ready for an ad campaign?

You can’t just create a business page on this social media site and then next day start running ads. That’s not good practice.

Many ads experts set different KPIs to check when they should start ad campaigns. However, I recommend achieving small milestones and then moving to big steps. These include:

  • 20+ posts on the page
  • Clarity on marketing goals
  • Set up your accounts, e.g., meta pixel, ads account, etc
  • Enough assets for A/B testing

Till then, you can use the boost a post feature. In this, your simple post becomes an ad. Moreover, it is much cheaperthan paid ads.

Tips To Create Outstanding Facebook Campaigns

Don’t just copy-paste one strategy and then hope to get good results. That’s not how you’ll achieve success in the online world. Here are some tips that you should follow.

Communicate what sets your product or service apart from competitors to attract attention. It can be a feature of your product, mentorship, or anything else. You just have to find that missing piece.

Craft compelling narratives that resonate emotionally with your audience, making your brand more relatable.

If you’re a coach, tell your audience how you helped your client go from $0 to 10k USD in 6 months.

Create a sense of urgency by using limited-time offers or showcasing limited stock availability. The perfect example of such ads are limited offers, only 6 days left, 50% off, etc.


It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big. You must use Facebook if your audience is active there. It’ll increase your chances of increasing business success without spending a fortune. At EchoFish, we help businesses skyrocket their success by generating high-quality leads. Contact us now.

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