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Organic SEO

Case Study: Recipi

Recipi was struggling to get their website to convert. They knew that this was hindering their ability to attract organic traffic and potential customers, so they turned to echofish for help.

After consulting with Recipi to understand their business and goals, our team conducted keyword research and developed a customized content strategy. We created a consistent flow of high-quality, optimized content that targeted the keywords and phrases that Recipi’s potential customers were searching for.

The results were slow to start but…

Within just a few months, Recipi’s website began to climb in the search engine rankings. We saw an increase in organic traffic and started getting inbound submissions and calls from the website.

  • The organic website traffic increased by 100% in the first 90 days.
  • Their cost per lead in the paid ad campaign was less than $1 per lead.
  • They attracted 79% more users to their website within 90 days.

Thanks to our SEO content writing services, Recipi has been able to increase its online visibility and reach a larger audience.

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