The year 2020 marked the release of a series of updates by Google that changed the face of SEO as we knew it. Now, it’s 2022, and Google’s newest update has caused a lot of confusion among those who are still reeling from the effects of its predecessor.

So what does this new update entail? What is its goal? And how will it affect your website? Read on to find out!

Key Points:

  • MUM is a new Google model with the ability to search, serve and index at once.
  • IndexNow makes it possible to search real-time information regularly.
  • Helpful Content make content more user friendly which in turn increases user satisfaction.
  • Longer Form Content increases the value of content via the use of snippets.
  • Mobile SEO allows sites to be optimized for mobile users, so that Google searches are more easily accessible and accessible from anywhere.
  • Knowledge Graphs make it possible to search directly in Google rather than by specifying a search query.ย 
  • EAT provides a more in depth understanding of a website, and helps determine the trustworthiness of an expert.
  • Video SEO allows videos to be easily accessible, allowing users to find video exactly as they need it.

New SEO Trends

Google has been pouring all of its resources into MUM โ€“ a rather intriguing concept that allows the search engine to use all of its functions at once. As opposed to previous models, MUM is able to simultaneously index information, serve content and make real-time updates. This effectively eliminates the need for other, separate engines. Google’s previous updates have turned into a single entity.

  • IndexNow

The launch of IndexNow, a real-time update, was highly anticipated. This Google update has made it possible for the search engine to quickly and easily update its data to that of users. However, this information should not be confused with live results; the results are only updated once a user has performed a query.

  • Helpful Content

The most recent feature to reach Google’s search results is Helpful Content. It was developed to increase the amount of information that users are able to access through a more user-friendly interface. This is one of the ways in which Google has sought to improve efficiency while increasing user satisfaction.

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  • LongForm Content

With longform Content, Google has sought to increase the value of the content that it presents to users. This is achieved by making the content easier to read. In order to achieve this, Google has developed “snippets”, which are short snippets of text that present a user with more information.

  • Mobile SEO

search-engine-optimization-online-promotion-smm-manager-cartoon-character-mobile-settings-tools-adjustment-business-platform-website-analysis-vector-isolated-concept-metaphor-illustration_335657-2715.jpg (338ร—338)

With the latest update, Google has sought to optimize its index for mobile device users. This means that website owners are going to have to change their sites in order to ensure that they’re compatible with mobile users. In addition, it means that SEO professionals will have to reconsider their keyword strategies.

  • Knowledge Graphs

In addition, Google has made it possible for users to simply search for answers instead of having to specify a search query. This is achieved through the Knowledge Graph, which effectively serves as a search engine within a search engine. This feature makes it possible to ask questions directly rather than specifying an information-specific query.

  • EAT Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

Google’s EAT Update is the culmination of all the previous updates. It makes it possible for Google to determine an expert’s trustworthiness by looking at their EAT value. This means that users will be able to effectively search for the most relevant content.

It is clear that with each update, Google has sought to achieve a singular goal: make its users as happy as possible. This means that information will be presented in a more efficient manner and users will have more knowledge at their fingertips. Google appears to have set out to become the ultimate search engine, and with each update it has taken steps toward that goal.

  • Video SEO

hand-typing-laptop-with-play-button-screen_53876-139644.jpg (626ร—497)

Video SEO (VEO) is a new way that Google can help users find exactly the video they want. It involves the use of tags and metadata to better describe a video and allow it to be associated with other information, such as text or images. Our understanding is that Google is looking for ways to make videos more easily searchable so that searchers will have better access to them and be able to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Googleโ€™s last update for SEO in the year 2022 has made it possible for users to find the exact information that they need. This is achieved through various new features that make it easier to search and access information from anywhere. It also means that website owners are going to have to make changes to their sites in order for them to be accessible by Google.ย 

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