We all know that the world of digital marketing has changed drastically in recent years. Mobile google searches have surpassed desktop queries, Google updated its algorithm to penalize websites that have intrusive ads, and Facebook is no longer just a place for posts and photos. Yet, with all these changes, one thing remains: Digital marketing is still a must-have for small businesses looking to stay competitive in this ever-changing market.

In order for small business owners and entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the trend and in order for them to remain relevant, it is imperative that they stay up to date on the state of digital marketing. It is vital for them to know how the market has changed and what it will look like in the future. To help them do this, we have put together an article that outlines some of the changes and new developments that have shaped this world of digital marketing in recent years.

  • Voice Search SEO

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Voice searches have become increasingly popular for both consumers and businesses alike. Though this is not a new development in the digital marketing world, it does have the potential to change how businesses target consumers for their marketing efforts. Because of this, many SEO agencies are now integrating voice search into their methods of digital marketing, so that they can better reach consumers who prefer to search their products using voice commands rather than typing them in.

One major inconvenience that occurs with voice search is abbreviating words. When someone uses voice search, they usually do not type in full words, but rather the first few letters of them. Thus, if the voice search software were to recognize an abbreviation, it would return results that are not as relevant or accurate as they could be. One way that these issues can be resolved is by hiring someone with a very good grasp of the English language and with a deep knowledge of how people speak. They will then be able to better understand how to properly target consumers who might use voice search over a more traditional web search.

  • Social Media Commerce

Social media commerce creates a bridge between a company and its target audience. This translates to more sales opportunities for businesses. Facebook has recently been trying to make this concept a reality by allowing businesses to post items for sale directly on their business page. Though Instagram has not yet included the ability for users to directly purchase items from a business’s photo, it does have a shopping function that enables users to easily browse through different products.

  • AI for Prediction analysis

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into digital marketing in order to help businesses better predict customer behavior and needs. This helps improve customer satisfaction, while also helping businesses better interact with customers. These programs are designed to help businesses to better understand their target audience and the upcoming trends that they will follow. By understanding what the customer wants, retailers can create more relevant ads and provide their customers with more options.

When these developments occur, they create a more seamless experience for the consumer as well as a more streamlined process for the business.

  • Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality is the use of technology to overlay digital imagery and digital media onto the real environment. It can be integrated into the user’s environment, so when they are within it, they can experience virtual items that are not in front of them. For example, when users walk through a virtual version of an amusement park, they will be able to visit different areas and ride different rides.

The most common use of this technology is for marketing purposes. This can occur by the use of smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices. The marketing campaign for these products will incorporate images and graphics that will be added to a location, making the experience much more immersive for the consumer. Though it is not clear what steps businesses will take towards this technology, advertisers as well as other companies are looking into these options as a way to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

  • Video-based Marketing

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With the creation of YouTube, video has become a very popular way for businesses to promote their products or services. Companies have now begun to integrate video advertising into their marketing strategies, in order to better improve their chances of reaching consumers. With the help of these videos, businesses are able to more easily explain what they are selling and how it works.

Video-based marketing is used in many different ways by businesses and advertisers (including those who sell items on the internet). It can be used in order to boost sales or increase brand awareness.

  • Personalization

Personalization is the process of tailoring marketing methods to be more relevant to the consumer. It is used in order to better tailor the business’s products or services so that they are more likely to attract potential customers. Personalization can be done by businesses in many different ways with the use of data analysis, detailed surveys, and email marketing.

By using personalization, advertisers are able to create a better experience for their consumers.

  • Conclusion

Digital marketing is not a static field. It is constantly evolving and changing in order to better reach consumers. These novel developments are all attempts to better connect between businesses and customers. Though there are still some unknowns about how this will play out in the future of digital marketing, it is certain that these new developments will continue to shape the face of the advertising industry for years to come.

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