After the release of the popular AI tool chatGPT, everyone is talking more about AI-generated content and wants to know what all the fuss is about. Last year McKinsey AI adoption study revealed that usage of AI has more than doubled since 2017. Businesses, startups, and companies are focusing deeply on AI.

Deloitte claimed that almost 80% of their companies have fully deployed AI for 3+ applications. After this we can say that AI is the future and its use will soon increase in every field.

If you want to get a top position in SERP, copy-pasting AI-generated content might not be a good idea. But what is AI content? Can Google penalize websites that use AI-generated content? I have been using AI tools for the past two years and have tried every angle.

In some niches, I got success, while others were a waste of time. So I’m going to share my experience in this article. Let’s discuss what AI-generated content is and the pros and cons of using it for your business.

But before we start, make sure to understand that Google is not against ai generated content.

What is AI-Generated Content?

Content created using natural languages processing algorithms such as blogs, articles, website copy and other content material. This technology enables machines to create relevant, informative, and engaging content for any topic. 

AI-generated content combines natural language processing (NLP) with machine learning algorithms to understand the context of a text and produce meaningful output in an automated fashion.

AI-generated content is made uniquely by the focus on deep learning models and various techniques such as;

  • Machine learning 
  • Computer vision 
  • Natural language processing

Machine learning algorithms are heavily trained by humans. They contain a large set of information that consists of human-written content. They deeply analyze these patterns, understand the tone, information, and knowledge provided, and use it to produce high-quality and original content. 

Neural networks also play an important role because with their help AI can learn how to create blog posts, guides, product descriptions, and content in general which we will discuss later in this article.

Example Of AI Generated Content 

To give you a quick example, I asked chatGPT a simple question.

What is AI-generated content? This is the answer I got from ChatGPT

“AI-generated content refers to any type of content created or partially created by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This can include anything from text and images to videos and music.” 

This AI-generated answer might give you a clear idea about its usage. So far, AI analyzes and interprets data, then learns from these patterns and creates content based on the information provided. However, the quality of content written by different AI tools varies.

Also it’s just a simple question, you can try something complex to see how it goes. I’m sure you will not be disappointed after using it.

Tools For Automated Content Creation

There are many AI tools through which you can produce content completely indistinguishable from human-generated content. Meanwhile, you will also find many tools to generate poor and flawed content. But it also depends on the person who is providing the prompt. Some of the powerful tools you can use for AI content creation are;

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper AI
  • Copysmith
  • WriterSonic
  • Copy AI
  • Frase 

Tools For Content Optimization

Content without on page SEO optimization is like coffee without sugar. It lacks an essential ingredient that makes it complete and enjoyable. The same goes for content.

With these tools, you can optimize the content to make it high-quality, error-free, and engaging for your audience. Moreover, you can also use SEO tools to find the best keywords and increase your content rank through search engine optimization. Some of them are;

  • SurferSEO
  • ClearScope
  • Frase
  • Hemingway
  • Grammarly

The list of these AI tools goes on. Using these tools can increase productivity and save time.

Types of AI-Generated Content

AI content creation tools can be used for different purposes. You will be surprised that you can utilize it for different purposes. Here is a list of types of AI-created content tools. 

  • Blog Writing: You can generate detailed blog post outlines, ideas, and full blogs.
  • Ad Copy: Tools like CopyAi can create persuasive, compelling, catchy, and excellent ad copy personalized for your target audience. 
  • Sales Letters: You can generate effective funnel Scripts that can increase ROI. 
  • Social Media Posts: With ChatGPT, you can create social media content, a LinkedIn newsletter, and even get hashtags for your posts. 
  • Product Descriptions: Jasper allows you to create optimized product descriptions for your Shopify store. 
  • Email Marketing: Increase your email response rate by generating sales email subject lines, text, and email copy with Persado.
  • Legal Writing: Even lawyers can create legal documents, contracts, and guides with ROSS Intelligence. 

There are many other uses of AI-generated content. You can be as creative as you want and utilize it to make the process smoother and stress-free. Remember that Google doesn’t penalize AI-generated content. Still, there are some rules that you should follow such as creating helpful content, people-first content, enhancing user experience, and no spam.

Benefits of AI-Generated Content

If you use the right prompts and optimize machine-generated content properly, you can utilize the power of automated content generation. Here are some of the key benefits of AI-generated content. 

Will Save Your Time 

Though it’s not perfect and needs some improvements by a writer, it’s still a good helping tool that provides the content to the user. You can get powerful insights and create an entire article in minutes. 

However, after getting this raw material, you must modify it according to your specifications. With an automated workflow, you can find suitable topics for your blogs and social media captions and create content for them. It cuts down the process of research, which is extremely time-consuming because AI will do all the brainstorming for you. But how can you do it? Simple!

You just type in your topic, keyword, or subject, and then AI will suggest content ideas. 

Afterward, you can publish it, and your AI-generated content with human intervention is ready to be published. Either way, it’s a good tool that will save you time. 

Less Money, But High ROI 

You can quickly produce content in bulk with automated content creation tools. You will save money that you might spend on finding resources to create content. It saves your effort, and you can utilize it to do other tasks for your business. You only need to edit the content; only minimal input is needed. So, in short, you are creating more content while;

  • Being productive
  • Saving money 
  • Saving time 

Your regular content creation process can become 10x insightful with AI. Since your cost is reduced, you can use it to invest in the best AI content creation plans for your website. Ultimately, you will get high-quality content and increase the number of visitors to your website. You should know if you want to create your website on WordPress, Shopify, Wix, or any other CMS. Then use AI to create compelling content.

Make It Engaging & Unique

With tools like jasper and chatGPT, you can create content. Furthermore, you can use different grammar corrections and writing style tools to improve your content. With these tools, you can generate personalized content. And personalization is a crucial aspect of marketing and content creation. 

Personalizing your content can attract a target audience within specific demographics. With countless functions of AI, you can automate your content and create in bulk for different clients with different needs.

Disadvantages Of AI-Generated Content

AI is a great tool, but if you use it incorrectly, the chances are high that you will face these cons. These are the top 3 cons of using AI-generated content. But before that, I would say to learn properly how to use that specific tool you are trying to use to create content.

Content Is Way Too Robotic

For businesses, it’s important to have a unique tone and be consistent with it on all platforms. However, if you are using AI for content creation without optimizing it, chances are high that your audience will get the idea that a robot writes it. Many human writers make the huge mistake of completely relying on AI. So their writing process looks something like this. 

  • Use open AI tools such as chatGPT
  • Typing the content keyword
  • Copying it and pasting it on the file directly
  • Publishing it without making any changes or adding creativity

This is an extremely harmful practice for your website E-E-A-T and shouldn’t be practiced. After you get content from AI you should check the level of accuracy, unique tone of voice, and uniqueness. These tools utilize NLP for content. However, it cannot reach that point at which it can generate perfect results. 

Lacks the Ability To Generate New Ideas

After Google’s Helpful Content Update, it’s clear that adding a human touch to content is necessary. Because if you look closely, you will learn that AI uses existing content and then converts it to something new. So humans have to be creative enough to come up with new ideas. Moreover, this can lead to the same repetitive content on all the websites. 

Suppose you and your competitors are using AI to generate content. You simply post it on the website, and your competitor does the same. It means whenever someone visits your website, they won’t find anything unique and will lose interest. 

So you should use AI to create your first draft and then make changes to align it with your content goals. That’s why quality control is of great importance when you are preparing content.

Doesn’t Have Emotional Touch 

Let me ask you a simple question. Is it right of me to expect a robot to feel emotions? Talk with me more expressively. The answer is quite obvious: you can’t expect it to do anything because it’s a robot that can’t feel emotions. 

Likewise, automated content creation tools aren’t at that level where they can produce expressive content. However, it can add information, citations, and references to make countless posts. But it can’t empathize with your audience. It cannot do it. 

Moreover, AI can’t provide arguments regarding the content. It will just tell you that AI is important, but tapping into the mindset of people and understanding how they might be feeling about AI with changing times with added emotions isn’t possible with it. 

How Can You Create AI-Generated Content

Due to the benefits of AI content creation for business, the market is growing continuously. The AI market is expected to grow to $ 1,591.03 billion after seven years. However, It’s important to remember that your target audience is humans, not search engines. 

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence can help you with content creation. But before that, remember that AI-generated content isn’t ready for publishing immediately. Primarily because it sounds so robotic, grammatically wrong, and has low readability and overall it is low-quality content. Your content should;

  • Be original 
  • Not be redundant 
  • Avoid fluff content 
  • More engaging and unique
  • Customized according to your target audience

For this, you need to know how to utilize the power of AI to its fullest. It includes using AI for drafts and then letting an expert writer optimize it accordingly. Here are some content strategies through which you can make it more human-like. 

Make Your Content Long 

If you have used AI to create content, you might already know that AI-generated content is short. Meanwhile, Google supports long-form content. So if the word count of content is less, you can boost the word count and convert this short-form content to long-form content. 

You can increase it by updating pre-existing information and data and providing more value to visitors. Another important thing you can do is update your content and add your expertise to the article. 

Build Up An Engaging Story 

Humans don’t like boring content. They want emotional and engaging content. How can you achieve it? You can do it by sharing your content in a storytelling format. 

The personal experience and opinions of writers are extremely important and can add new energy to the content. However, right now AI can’t do that effectively. So even if you create keyword-optimized and error-free content, you should update the final draft and add storytelling.

Add Fresh Ideas To Your Content 

Old content won’t attract more visitors to your websites. With AI, you can create and rewrite the content but not update it. Most AI generator tools cannot provide updated pieces of content. 

For example, chatGPT can only provide relevant information before 2021 but not after that. So if you are creating an article about events of 2023, you must research on your own. 

Think About Audience First 

You must provide the best value to your audience. Many content writers run after getting the best position in SERPs and forget that even Google supports websites well-liked by the audience. What do I mean by that? 

It’s about creating content that is suitable for your target audience. So you avoid keyword stuffing and create unique content. Once your audience likes it, google will also increase its search ranking. So instead of generating poor quality content focus on increasing the helpfulness of content. 

Find Your Brand Voice 

If you are working on creating a business and plan to become unforgettable, then you need to connect with your audience. For this, you should find the brand’s voice and then stick with it. Before creating content, train the AI content generator tool with relevant prompts until you get your desired outcome.

Will AI Replace Content Writers?

No, AI-generated content cannot replace humans in the content creation industry.” Yes, you can utilize it for different purposes, such as E-books, LinkedIn posts, guides, etc. But there is a catch.

AI will not replace copywriters. But copywriters with AI, will replace copywriters without it.

Yes, using AI as a copywriter can increase your chance of success other to those who are afraid of it. So I would say start using it before it’s too late. Because the use of AI can offer several advantages that traditional copywriting cannot.

  • It can generate content at a much faster pace than humans. This means you can produce more content in less time, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • You can analyze data and optimize content in real time. This means that you can constantly improve the effectiveness of your content by analyzing how readers interact with it and making changes accordingly.
  • You can maintain a consistent tone and voice across your content, ensuring your brand messaging is clear and coherent.

So don’t be afraid of it. Use it to do something you cannot by traditional methods.

Future of AI-generated Content 

Writers and content creators worldwide using GPT-4, the latest project by openAI. This technology provides groundbreaking solutions to everyone. Brands actively use it for content marketing, but it will not stop there. In the future, it is expected to work more effectively and provide better results by using advanced ML and advanced language models.


AI is expected to get better, which will help marketers and content creators. However, no matter how advanced it becomes, it won’t replace writers now or in the future. That’s why we provide our clients with engaging, in-depth content at echofish to create an unbreakable bond with their audience.

So if you are bored of seeing repetitive, unoriginal, and robotic content, call experts today. Remember, we are just a call away, so contact us right now and partner with us for your next project and let’s make it successful together.

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